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Out of 11 workers
in Belgium:

  • 1 is ill for a long time
  • 5 feel bad
  • 8 do not feel motivated

Out of 11 workers
in Belgium :

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I decided to work on my well-being and my career with Alignoscope

because it is good
for my health.



Specialised in talent management and coaching in the private, public and non-market sectors, the Rightplacement team helps you to minimise the loss of human and financial capital due to dismissals, absenteeism, demotivation and resignations of your best talent. Establish with us a culture of voluntary mobility and co-responsibility of careers between employer and employees!


Understand where your human capital problems come from.

As a manager, you would like to do a check-up on the health of your human capital, or you are aware of demotivation, absenteeism, resignations or frequent dismissals within your organisation. Through the Alignoscope, we help you to understand the causes of these financial and human losses by conducting a series of interviews with your staff in order to identify recurring causes and possible solutions.


Preventing burnout and dismissal.

Burnout and redundancies cost both employers and employees morally and financially. Our approach is to prevent rather than to cure, to tackle the problem at the root, individually or collectively. We can also act curatively by enabling the suffering, dissatisfied or unmotivated employee to get back on track, whether within the structure or the extended environment of his or her employer: the ecosystem.


Making a reorganisation more human and less costly.

Reorganisation may sometimes be unavoidable, but too often the cost is inversely proportional to the time taken to prepare. Organisations where job mobility is encouraged have an advantage over those where employees rarely, if ever, change jobs and take their careers into their own hands.

We support you in the process of mobilising your talent to place them in a role that suits them best, with a view to their career opportunities and in the wider context of your ecosystem (customers, suppliers, partners, affiliates). In this way, you can preserve the human capital they represent to the maximum. With Rightplacement, you will not only seriously reduce the financial and psychological impact of a reorganisation within your organisation, but also increase the motivation of your employees.


Boosting mobility, motivation and talent management.

Talent, career and competency management is not a simple matter, but it is only growing in importance to become a strategic asset for your organisation. Driven by new technologies and disruptive phenomena such as the COVID pandemic and climate change, you must constantly worry about whether you have the talent today that will help you survive tomorrow… We believe that if you have low mobility within your organisation, your chances of survival will suffer as technology changes and the skills required change. If mobility is low in your organisation, we help you to provide a framework for career management and mobility that is tenfold, as it is open to your organisation’s ecosystem and based on the principle of shared career responsibility. This means that we help your employees develop the right career management skills and awareness for greater employability and job satisfaction. Leading your career rather than taking decisions when it’s too late to act.

Rightplacement is based on...

Rightplacement is an innovative model for human resource management. It is not only a diagnostic tool, but also an operating framework to be applied in response to current challenges in the world of work. These issues of staff retention, career management and talent are addressed from the perspective of well-being at work for maximum performance.
It is therefore a systemic approach to the problems of motivation, absenteeism, burn-out or dismissal following a mismatch between the employee and the employer in terms of what they offer each other and what they need.

This model thus contributes to the preservation and enrichment of the human capital existing in the company’s system by allowing for development within it via internal talent management or via a cross exchange of human capital.
In short, rightplacement aims to enable employers and their employees to realign themselves in a climate of trust and constructiveness, where mobility within the employer’s ecosystem is encouraged and even privileged.

Our objective :

Rightplacement has been maturing for several years in the mind of Yves Mertens, an outplacement and career management coach. Passionate about people, societal transition and appalled by the human and financial waste represented by redundancy, burnout and demotivation at work, he decided to develop a model that combines career management, circular economy and alignment.

At the beginning of 2020, he joined forces with Marie-Sophie Noël, a coach and trainer in the public sector with the same passion, and with Christian Dirkx, who was director of IBM Belgium-Luxembourg for 9 years and is still involved in various working groups in the HR field. Their skills and experience enable the team to offer you an innovative and common sense solution to optimise the management of human capital in your organisation.


Rightplacement and Alignoscope - for whom and for what?

Whether you are a leader or a senior manager of an organisation, it is important for you to ensure the health of the financial and human capital without which your organisation cannot perform well. You are certainly faced with the difficulty of recruiting, mobilising, retaining and motivating your talents. Perhaps you are also faced with absenteeism, burn-out or with some of your employees no longer meeting the sector’s requirements in terms of skills. These phenomena are costing or are likely to cost your organisation dearly, and it is time to do something about it. The rightplacement strategy and the accompanying alignoscope can greatly help you with these challenges.

As an employee of an organisation, you may feel out of step, unmotivated or frustrated in your current job. And yet, it is not so easy for you to leave this job, you have plenty of good reasons to stay where you are. But are they really good reasons? There are better things to do than to suffer through your career, complain, let the years go by and wait for the pension… or the redundancy! You can choose to take control of your career and try to change what you can change while staying with your employer, or even change jobs within the organisation, in organisations close to your employer or far away from it, as long as you are aligned with who you are and what you want in your job! With rightplacement and alignoscope, you have a framework for reflection and action to find fulfilment at work.

Christian Dirkx

Christian Dirkx had a career with Société Générale de Banque and IBM, where he spent nine years as Human Resources Director for Belgium and Luxembourg, and then moved on to international HR roles. A career that may not seem very varied at first sight within two dynamic organisations, allowing him to experience profound and constant change, and advocating talent mobility as a key factor in employee motivation. Today he is active in various working groups and is co-authoring the book on Rightplacement with Yves.

Yves Mertens

Yves has been practicing professional coaching since 2012. His atypical career in the FMCG, retail and market research ecosystem as well as his seven years of experience in outplacement led him to develop and file Rightplacement. He is keen to spread the word in the world of work in order to maximise human capital in psychological and financial terms and is now writing the book on this subject with Christian.

Marie-Sophie Noël

With fifteen years of experience in the field of human resources and more particularly in training and coaching, Marie-Sophie accompanies people in their professional transition as well as organisations in the implementation of a Rightplacement strategy.

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